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I’ll Show You How To Jump Start Your Elearning Design Strategy

Presenting at Articulate Roadshow.
Here I am presenting on activity-based elearning scenarios at an Articulate Workshop in Vancouver, Canada. Photo Credit @nicole_legault

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

“How do I come up with creative ideas for scenario-based elearning?”

“How can I keep elearning interactive and engaging?”

“How can I keep elearning short and targeted?”

“How can I engage blue collar workers or win them over with elearning?”

“How can I convince the training department there are alternatives to boring elearning?”

“How do I find inspiration and good examples of engaging elearning?”

About Ryan Martin

Ryan Martin

Curious and fresh thinking, Ryan Martin is an elearning designer and strategist looking for new ways to use interactive visual storytelling to surprise, delight, and make people think.

Along the way, Ryan made a name for himself by revolutionizing the elearning industry with an interactive live-action digital comic adults could relate to.

Ryan is an Invited Expert to the Articulate Roadshow Workshops and eLearning Guild Conferences. He’s spoken on subjects ranging from deconstructing Pixar films, to activity-based e-learning, to simulating real life.

In 2011, Ryan co-founded an award-winning elearning agency where he brought digital products and services to life for wonderful clients, such as adidas Group and ABB, and, along with his partner, built a fun-yet-practical digital course on learner-centered design.

When Ryan’s not honing an elearning experience or working on fun projects, he’s learning, and sharing what knowledge he has to whomever will listen.