David Anderson

“One example we often share in our Storyline workshops is the ‘Broken Co‑Worker’ Course […] Folks really like the comic book look because it doesn’t look anything like a typical e-learning course.”

David Anderson, Director, Customer Training at Articulate

Articulate Storyline Roadshow Workshop
Tom Kuhlmann, Chief Learning Architect at Articulate, presents the Broken Co-worker demo to a packed Articulate Storyline Workshop. Photo credit: David Anderson

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With Its Scenario-Based Learning, Balance Of Interactivity And Purposeful Humor, ‘Broken Co‑Worker’ Became The Foundational Articulate Storyline Demo!

Yes, Show Me Broken Co-Worker!

Tara-Anne Ronai

“I teach a two-day Storyline class. At the start of every class, I begin with this example to show what Storyline can do! […] The attendees are always so enthusiastic about this example and it really gets the wheels turning for what they might be able to accomplish with Storyline. Thanks!”

Tara-Anne Ronai, Learning Designer & Vice-présidente of Solutions Komuna

Articulate Storyline Guru Award

“Its really effective and showcases what can be achieved when talent and appropriate tools blend together.”

Mandaar Painarkar, Cybage

“I really like that it is not information heavy, which is what we struggle with explaining to our stakeholders. It creates a fun, interactive learning experience.”

Zubeida Kudoos, ATB Financial

“Wow . . . very interactive and I could see active learning happening. The interactivity which you added was thought provoking. I’m sure the learner whoever is reading will get involved in learning process.”

Pallavi DV, Wipro Technologies

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