Story-Based Elearning

Story-Based Elearning And Why You Need To “Inject” Some Emotion Into Your Serious Elearning

“Once upon a time…”

Question: do you ever wonder why you perk up when you hear those words?

Pete Docter, whose writing credits include Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Wall-E, Up, and Inside Out,… has said that, “The power of story is that it has an ability to connect with people on an emotional level.”

And, “Once upon a time…” is that moment of anticipation, perhaps even drama.

You don’t know what’s going to happen. At least not yet.

A troubled past?

Marital problems?


A betrayal?


A redemption?

Who knows?

But you’re curious. Of course you are, right? Simply because…

Stories ground you in reality that you can’t
be grounded in by any other means.

Elearning inspired by our nature

Storytelling is a species-wide behavior.

You see, you and I have an innate taste for storytelling, which is part of our unique “congnitive niche”.

From casual gossip to novels, we have an appetite for meaningful patterns from which we can make inferences.

How ought we to act?

What should we value?

What’s truly rewarding?

In a nutshell, while you might attempt to “program” people with serious elearning,…you shouldn’t forget the fact that things hurt people, things make people anxious, things make people jealous, things make people angry,… and all those things are built into all of us (part of our central nature).

And so, try story-based elearning.

In my opinion, stories are a way to help people sort out how to orient themselves in the workforce,…given our nature.

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