Elearning design doesn't have to be overly complicated.

Unlearn Complicated Elearning Design (or “Why a Text Editor Is Your New Best Friend”)

When I designed, Broken Co-worker, ‘self-confidence training’ disguised in office bullying scenarios, I learned elearning design doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

You see, the essence of that particular learning experience is a narrative thread and multiple choice questions. And, much of what makes it so uniquely powerful is the character development and captivating dialogue.

Therefore, I strongly suggest if you seriously want to improve your elearning design, you don’t start with clever graphics and cute animations. This means you de-complicate things dramatically.

Listen to this: I designed Broken Co-worker in one week in a simple text editor,…kind of like a screenplay.

Broken Co-worker Script Example
Seen here is a screen capture of a scenario design from my popular and well-liked elearning, Broken Co-worker.

The point is…

You can design elearning in feature-rich elearning software… Or… You can choose to design in a simple and efficient text editor.

As we all know, people feel much more engaged when they hear a narrative about events.

So why not write a story-driven sequence of multiple choice questions in a text editor. It will allow you to be more creative, to add a narrative structure, and, to include ordeals (i.e. challenges and confrontations). Why not try something different for a change?

“Since copywriting is interface design, you can do an awful lot of great design in a text editor.”
— Jason Fried

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